Assembly and Packaging Laboratory

Main Equipment

The equipment of the Assembly and Packaging Laboratory covers all the main packaging technologies, starting from the dicing of the wafer up to the hermetic sealing of the final package.

  • Flip Chip bonder SET FC150
  • Ball bumper PACTECH model SB2-M
  • Die-attach FINETECH model PICO MA
  • Wire Bonder TPT model HB16
  • Dicing line DISCO model DAD3350
  • Reflow vacuum oven ATV model SR714
  • 2 Alignment and Pigtailing Benches 15 axes Micos
  • Splicer FUJIKURA (PM fibers)
  • Stereo, metallographic microscopy and SEM
  • 1 Chemical Hood
  • Seam sealing equipment PYRAMID
  • Climatic Chamber ESPEC model EGNX12-6CAL
  • Pull-shear tests XYZTEC model Condor EZ

Equipamiento cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación y el Fondo de Desarrollo Regional FEDER

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