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The main objective of the Micro/Nanofabrication group is to provide the fabrication of micro/nano structures in silicon wafers, in particular photonic devices and photovoltaics. The group offers this to other areas within the centre and also to external clients.

The Nanophotonics Technology Center has an extensive experience, proven at European level, in the design and modelling of photonic crystals and ring resonator waveguides that allows the development of passive optical devices such as filters, couplers, multiplexers / de-multiplexers, dispersion compensators, WDM link modules, sensors and biophotonics to name but a few.

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All of these devices are based on nanophotonic structures (photonic wires and crystals) that, due to their nanometre scale, increase the interaction between the light and the material thus achieving high performance components with reduced dimensions. This allows cost reduction and a wider range of industrial applications for photonic devices (telecoms, biomedicine, space, computing & consumer electronics), therefore encouraging and contributing to high tech development in our environment.

Building from this, the group also has extensive experience in developing new manufacturing processes for specific devices.

While the primary focus of the centre, and the fabrication area in particular, is mainly applications, the availability of a complete fabrication line has enabled us to create some complex nano-structures which are of great interest to the scientific world and display technological developments such as the so-called “meta-materials”, which allows us to explore unique electromagnetic phenomena (negative refractive index, invisibility...) and possess a high academic impact.

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