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Fiber-to-chip coupling

Low profile silicon photonics packaging approach featuring configurable multiple electrical and optical connectivity

One of the key issues for bringing silicon photonics research to market is to efficiently solve the problem of coupling light in and out of the silicon integrated circuit together with an efficient and low cost packaging solution.

In this context, we have developed and demonstrated a cost effective and smart solution for low profile packaging of silicon photonic integrated circuits with multiple grating-based optical interfaces. Gratings couplers offer clear advantages compared to lateral coupling, such as compatibility with planar processing, the possibility for wafer-level testing, and relatively large alignment tolerances. However, gratings also evoke the need for entirely new smart packaging solutions due to the effect of out-of-plane coupling. In our approach, a sub-mount carrier is proposed to maintain the standard horizontal orientation of the fibers in the package while holding the silicon circuits perpendicularly to the fibers. The carrier offers also flexibility to implement the electrical connectivity in case of handling both optical and electrical pin-out, for instance with use of a flexible wiring layer in between the carrier and photonic and electronics circuits.

This work was made in collaboration with the packaging research group led by Gianni Preve as well as the research group of Tolga Tekin in Technische Universitaet Berlin and Fraunhofer IZM institute.

Figure: packaging solution and demonstrator prototype

(a) Scheme of the packaging solution. (b) Picture of the demonstrator prototype.


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