Simulation: Modelling of 1D and 2D photovoltaic devices.

  • Silvaco software package:
    • Process simulation: Athena
    • Light trapping: Luminus
    • Optoelectronic behaviour: Atlas

Fabrication: Pilot line of fabrication of PV devices based on Crystalline Silicon and thin film technologies.

  • Oxidation/Diffusion
  • Boron and phosphorous doping
  • UV Lithography
  • Metallization (evaporation, sputtering)
  • Chemical cleaning
  • PECVD Dielectric deposition


  • Solar cell characterization Laboratory: IV Curve, Resistivity, Quantum Efficiency.
  • Optical and physical characterization with available equipments of the fabrication infrastructure: SEM, Elipsometry, FTIR, AFM.