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Desarrollo de Estruturas de Onda Lenta

Acronym: DEMOTEC
Project type: National
Period: 01-01-2009 / 31-12-2011
Reference: TEC2008-06360
Research lines involved: Micro/Nanofabrication

Project description:
The main goal of this project is the modeling, design, fabrication and characterization of slow-wave structures to improve silicon moduladors performance based on the plasma dispersion effect. Silicon photonics is at the moment one of the most promising technologies to develop nanophotonic devices at large scale and low cost due to its compatibitly with the CMOS fabrication processes used in the microelectronic industry. Concretely, two different slow-wave structures will be investigated in this project: one is based in variations of the optical waveguide width and the other one is based on coupled ring resonantors. The project will be developed in three different lines: the passive part, the active part and the electrodes. These three parts will have a close relation and will result in the implementation of the final chips, i.e. combining the active and passive parts with the electrodes. The ultimate goal will be a synthesis of the work carried out during the project to define the guidelines of the optimum process to develop silicon modulators which use slow-wave structures to improve their performance.