Sistemas para la detección de explosivos en centros e infraestructuras públicas

Acronym: SEDUCE
Funded under: CDTI (Industrial Technological Development Center)
Period: 01-01-2008 / 31-12-2011
Coordinator: INDRA
More information: INDRA website
Research lines involved: Micro/Nanofabrication

Project description:
The SEDUCE Project has the goal of developing technologies for the detection of improvised explosive artifacts in public places and infrastructures.
The main goal of SEDUCE is to generate the scientific and technological knowledge that assures the protection of the people and the public and private assets through the detection of improvised explosive artifacts in public centers and infrastructures (ports, airports, trains stations…) providing information to the official authorities for its prevention.



  • Indra
  • Arquimea Ingeniería
  • Alfa Imaging
  • Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia
  • DAS Photonics
  • Metro Madrid
  • Multiscan Technologies
  • Ramem