Conference Publications


  1. Chirped Fiber Gratings for mmW Generation and Processing.
    J. Martí; F. Ramos; V. Polo; J. M. Fuster; J.L. Corral;
    13th Annual Meeting of the IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society - LEOS (2000-10-13 - 2000-11-16). Rio Grande (Puerto Rico). 0-7803-5947-X.
  2. Simultaneous baseband and RF modulation scheme in GBit/s millimetre-wave wireless fibre networks.
    V. Polo; A. Martínez; J. Martí; F. Ramos; A. Griol; R. Llorente;
    International Topical Meeting on Microwave-Photonics - MWP (2000-09-11 - 2000-09-13). Oxford (United Kingdom). 0-7803-6455-4.
  3. Performance Comparison of DSF- and SOA-Based Optical Phase Conjugators in Microwave/Millimetre-Wave Optical Systems.
    F. Ramos; J. Martí; V. Polo; J. M. Fuster; F. J. Martinez;
    26th European Conference on Optical Communications - ECOC (2000-09-03 - 2000-09-07). Munich (Germany). 3-8007-2567-3.