The Nanophotonics Technology Center has always been orientated to meeting the needs of industry by transferring technology to new and traditional sectors.

Technology transfer is offered for all research lines and micro/nanofabrication services.

Basic research and product development

We rely on our vast experience in working with business and public organisations in basic research and product development. Clients include the Spanish Ministry of Defence, Fracarro, Indra, and the European Space Agency. These services include all our research areas.


The NTC offers a technological capacity unique in Spain. This capacity can be used to build technological advantages and help your business maintain its competitive edge.
Our micro/nanofabrication services can be used for multiple disciplines. These disciplines include those that are closer to the heart of NTC research activity, such as photonics, telecommunications, or biosensors; but also other sectors where nanotechnologies promise exciting applications, such as ceramics, textile, graphic arts, agriculture.

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