Transformation photonics & reconfigurability


International Journals

    Supersymmetric Transformations in Optical Fibers.
    A. Macho; R. Llorente; C. García-Meca;
    PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, Vol. 9, n. 1, pp. 014024(1)-014024(15), January 2018.
    Building a broadband true mode demultiplexer (without mode conversion)

    On-chip wireless silicon photonics: from reconfigurable interconnects to lab-on-chip devices.
    C. García-Meca; S. Lechago; A. Brimont; A. Griol; S. Mas; L. Sánchez; L. Bellieres; ... ; J. Martí;
    NATURE'S LIGHT: SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS, Vol. 6, pp. e17053, September 2017.
    Prof. Martí's team proposes a novel platform for creating reconfigurable photonic chips
    Highlighted in Nature Photonics.


    Nontensorial transformation optics.
    C. García-Meca; C. Barceló;
    PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, Vol. 5, n. 6, pp. 064008, June 2016.
    Molding the flow of light while preserving the fields orientation and amplitude.
    Editors’ suggestion

    Dynamically tunable transformation thermodynamics.
    C. García-Meca; C. Barceló;
    JOURNAL OF OPTICS, Vol. 18, n. 4, pp. 044026(1)- 044026(5), April 2016.
    Managing heat flow dynamically, or how to open and close a hole in space
    Invited article. Featured in Journal of Optics LabTalk.

    Diffusive-light invisibility cloak for transient illumination.
    B. Orazbayev; M. Beruete; A. Martínez; C. García-Meca;
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A, Vol. 94, n. 6, pp. 063850(1)-063850(7), December 2016.
    A way of making an object invisible in diffusive environments under fast light switching.
    Featured in Physics World, and many more.