Metamateriales plasmónicos


Design tools

We own the most advanced numerical tools in electromagnetic simulation and design: Plane Wave Expansion method, 3D Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method, Finite Element Method, etc. We have also experience in acoustic simulations. For more details about our design capabilities please contact us.

Subwavelength focusing by a flat lens with n=-1 Propagation of a surface plasmon polariton along a metal-dielectric interface
Electromagnetic simulation of the Extraordinary Optical Transmission phenomenon Negative refraction by a photonic crystal
Fields and currents in a plasmonic nanocross
Square cloak

Experimental capabilities

To characterize metamaterials as well as other plasmonic structures, NTC has a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR). Its versatility allows us to obtain the devices’ electromagnetic response (transmission and reflection spectra) from the terahertz (500 GHz) to the ultraviolet range. In addition, a microscope attached to the FTIR allows us to measure samples of the order of tens of microns.

We also own a complete set-up for photonic characterization of silicon photonics chips in the 1550 nm wavelength regime. This set-up includes 6-axis nanopositioners, CW and ps pulsed lasers, optical vector analyzer at 1550 nm, NIR cameras, polarization controllers, filters, etc. We have recently installed a vacuum chamber to measure optically-induced mechanical modes of the fabricated structures. For more details, please contact us.