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Optical modulators


Design tools

We own the most advanced numerical tools for optical simulations and design (Plane Wave Expansion Method, 3D Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method, 3D Beam Propagation Method, Finite Element Method, etc). We have also the tools to simulate and design electrical and electro-optical semiconductor devices as well as their associated fabrication processes. We have also strong experience in GDS mask design.

Figure 1

Examples of simulated structures (slot-waveguide, PN junction in silicon waveguide, photonic crystal coupled to dielectric waveguide)

Experimental capabilities

We have several set-ups with high-precision translation stages and advanced components (lasers from 1260nm to 1600nm, optical and RF amplifiers, ultra-short optical pulse sources, RF and DC probes) for optical and electro-optical characterization of photonic integrated circuits. Furthermore, the most advanced instrumentation is available for the characterization of optical communication systems. Eye diagrams and bit error rate (BER) up to 40Gbit/s and S-parameters measurements up to 110GHz are possible.

Figure 2

Pictures of the electro-optical characterization setup