15 Jul
The paper "Nontensorial Transformation Optics” selected as an editors' suggestion in Phys. Rev. Appl.

Transformation optics allows one to design electromagnetic media to modify the trajectory of light in complex ways, as in an invisibility cloak. In this approach, an electromagnetic field undergoes a rotation and scaling, which restricts the achievable functionalities.

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What if there were another way? In their paper “Nontensorial Transformation Optics”, Carlos García-Meca (Nanophotonics Technology Center) and Carlos Barceló (Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia) present an alternative transformation theory that preserves a field’s orientation and amplitude, allowing a variety of effects and applications unreachable by standard transformation optics. This includes devices that feel no local electromagnetic force, reflectionless light compressors, optical modes with arbitrary in-plane polarization, and special isolators.

The work has been published in Phys. Rev. Appl. and has been selected as an editors’ suggestion.

Nontensorial transformation Optics
C. García-Meca; C. Barceló;
PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, Vol. 5, n. 6, p. 064008, June 2016