Applications of Metamaterials in the Optical Range

Acrónimo: METEOR
Tipo de proyecto: Nacional
Periodo: 01-01-2012 / 31-12-2014
Referencia: TEC2011-28664
Líneas de investigación relacionadas: Micro/Nanofabricación, Metamateriales

Descripción del proyecto:
1. Development of the necessary technological processes to fabricate high-quality metamaterials and hole arrays with special properties in the THz and optical regimes. 2. Design of metamaterial devices to control THz, infrared and visible radiation including the novel design of metamaterials and extraordinary transmission structures with enhanced extraordinary properties such as negative/ultra-high/ultra-low permittivity/permeability, ultra-low losses, beam shaping, etc. 3. Fabrication of multilayer metamaterials in the THz, IR and visible domains by stacking metamaterial monolayes. 4. Exploration of high-impact applications in the THz and optical regime, specially biological and chemical sensing (in the THz, IR and visible domains) and optical security and anticounterfeiting technology. 5. Technology transfer to industry in the defence or security fields, mainly through our spin-off company DAS Photonics.