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Novel Nanostructured optical Componets for CRBN detection and high performance opto-microwave links

Acrónimo: NANOCAP
Financiado por: European Defence Agency
Periodo: 2010 / 2012
Áreas de investigación relacionadas: Micro/Nanofabricación

Descripción del proyecto:
The objective of NANOCAP is to show that the photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology is a suitable and appropriate solution to opto-Microwave filters in high performance (high rejection ratio, high Q) analog links as well as in chemical sensing applications. The idea is to show the capabilities of a single nanotechnology platform for both applications via the development of a common device front-end building block for either tuneable optical filter for Microwave Photonics functionalities in EW systems or for optical sensors for Chemical Sensing. This platform will also be considered from the perspective of being compatible with mainstream CMOS electronic tools and processes.

Logo proyecto

Entidades participantes:

  • UCY
  • DAS Photonics
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Institute of Protein Biochemistry (Napoli)
  • Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL)
  • Universidad Politécnica de Valencia