Publicaciones en Congresos


  1. Nonlinear biasing of MZ-EOM devices to experimentally reduce chromatic dispersion effects in antenna remoting up-converting fiber-optic links.
    J. M. Fuster; J. Martí; V. Polo; F. Ramos; J.L. Corral;
    International Topical Meeting on Microwave-Photonics - MWP (1998-10-12 - 1998-10-14). Princeton (USA). 0-7803-4937-7.
  2. Millimetre-wave Optical Harmonic Mixer Employing a Single Mach-Zehnder Electro-optic Modulator.
    V. Polo; J. Martí; F. Ramos; J. M. Fuster;
    28th European Microwave Conference - EUMC (1998-10-04 - 1998-10-06). Amsterdam (The Netherlands). 086213-1413.
  3. Optical beamforming network based on chirped fiber gratings continuous variable true-time delay lines.
    J.L. Corral; J. Martí; J. M. Fuster;
    IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest (1998-06-07 - 1998-06-12). Baltimore (USA). 0-7803-4471-5.
  4. Experimental reduction of Chromatic dispersion effects in electro-optical upconverted millimetre-wave fiber optic links.
    J. M. Fuster; J. Martí; J.L. Corral;
    Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibit - OFC (1998-02-22 - 1998-02-27). San José (USA). 1-55752-1428.