Publicaciones en Revistas


  1. Experimental demonstration of high coupling efficiency between wide ridge waveguides and single-mode photonic crystal waveguides.
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  3. Numerical Analysis of All-Optical Switching Based on a 2-D Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Directional Coupler.
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    IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, Vol. 10, n. 5, pp. 1101-1106, September 2004.
  4. All-optical packet routing scheme for optical label-swapping networks.
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    OPTICS EXPRESS, Vol. 12, n. 18, pp. 4326-4332, September 2004.
  5. Microstrip Side-Coupled Ring Bandpass Filters with Mode Coupling Control for Harmonic Suppression.
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  6. All-optical packet header processor based on cascaded SOA-MZIs.
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  7. Photonic-microwave harmonic mixers based on electroabsorption modulators.
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  8. Techniques for the Compensation of Chromatic Dispersion Effects in Fibre-Wireless Systems.
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  10. Experimental and theoretical analysis of the self-focusing of light by a photonic crystal lens.
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  12. Dispersion-tolerant transmission of QPSK and M-QAM signals simultaneously modulated at 1 and 38 GHz over a hybrid fiber-radio link.
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  14. All-optical switching structure based on a photonic crystal directional coupler.
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