Publicaciones en Revistas


  1. Analytical Model for Calculating the Nonlinear Distortion in Silicon-Based Electro-Optic Mach-Zehnder Modulators.
    A. M. Gutierrez; A. Brimont; J. Herrera; M. Aamer; D. Thomson; F.Y. Gardes; G. T. Reed; J. M. Fedeli; P. Sanchis;
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  2. Combined model of non-conformal layer growth for accurate optical simulation of thin-film silicon solar cells.
    M. Sever; B. Lipovšek; J. Krč; A. Čampa; G. Sánchez; F.-J. Haug; M. Duchamp; W. Soppe; M. Topič;
    SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS, Vol. 119, n. , pp. 59-66, December 2013.
  3. All-fiber processing of terahertz-bandwidth signals based on cascaded tapered fibers.
    S. Mas; J. Palací; P. Pérez-Millán; S. Lechago; D. Monzón-Hernández; J. Martí;
    OPTICS LETTERS, Vol. 38, n. 23, pp. 4954-4957, December 2013.
  4. Effect of loss on the dispersion relation of photonic and phononic crystals.
    V. Laude; J. M. Escalante; A. Martínez;
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol. 88, n. 22, pp. 224302(1)- 224302(8), December 2013.
  5. Dispersion relation of coupled-resonator acoustic waveguides formed by defect cavities in a phononic crystal.
    J. M. Escalante; A. Martínez; V. Laude;
    JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, Vol. 46, n. 47, pp. 475301(1)-475301(7), November 2013.
  6. Analysis of optomechanical coupling in two-dimensional square lattice phoxonic crystal slab cavities.
    S. El-Jallal; M. Oudich; Y. Pennec; B. Djafari Rouhani; V. Laude; J.-C. Beugnot; A. Martínez; J. M. Escalante; A. Makhoute;
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol. 88, n. 20, pp. 205410(1)-205410(7), November 2013.
  7. Optical gain by simultaneous photon and phonon confinement in indirect bandgap semiconductor acousto-optical cavities.
    J. M. Escalante; A. Martínez;
    OPTICAL AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, Vol. 45, n. 10, pp. 1045-1056, October 2013.
  8. Real-time ultra-wideband video streaming in long-reach passive optical networks with wireless radiation in the 10 and 60 GHz Bands.
    T. Alves; M. Morant; A. Cartaxo; R. Llorente; P. Cluzeaud; R. Sambaraju;
    CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS, Vol. 11, n. 10, pp. 100605(1)-100605(6), October 2013.
  9. 10 Gbit/s error-free DPSK modulation using a push-pull dual-drive silicon modulator.
    M. Aamer; D. Thomson; A. M. Gutierrez; A. Brimont; F.Y. Gardes; G. T. Reed; J. M. Fedeli; A. Håkansson; P. Sanchis;
    OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS, Vol. 304, n. , pp. 107-110, September 2013.
  10. Control of terahertz emission in photoconductive antennas through an additional optical continuous wave.
    A. Bockelt; J. Palací; B. Vidal;
    OPTICS LETTERS, Vol. 38, n. 16, pp. 3123-3125, August 2013.
  11. Feasibility study and experimental verification of simplified fiber-supported 60-GHz picocell mobile backhaul links.
    A. Lebedev; X. Pang; J.J. Vegas Olmos; M. Beltrán; R. Llorente; S. Forchhammer; I. T. Monroy;
    IEEE PHOTONICS JOURNAL, Vol. 5, n. 4, pp. 7200913 (1)-7200913(14), August 2013.
  12. Broadband 8 μm long hybrid silicon-plasmonic transverse magnetic–transverse electric converter with losses below 2 dB.
    L. Sánchez; P. Sanchis;
    OPTICS LETTERS, Vol. 38, n. 15, pp. 2842-2845, August 2013.
  13. A Photonic Microwave Filter Based on an Asymmetric Silicon Mach-Zehnder Modulator.
    A. M. Gutierrez; P. Sanchis; A. Brimont; D. Thomson; F.Y. Gardes; G. T. Reed; J. M. Fedeli; B. Vidal;
    IEEE PHOTONICS JOURNAL, Vol. 5, n. 4, pp. 5501006(1)-5501006(7), August 2013.
  14. Design of Directly Modulated Long-Reach PONs Reaching 125 km for Provisioning of Hybrid Wired-Wireless Quintuple-Play Service.
    T. Alves; M. Morant; A. Cartaxo; R. Llorente;
    Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 5, n. 8, pp. 848-857, August 2013.
  15. A Silicon Differential Receiver With Zero-Biased Balanced Detection for Access Networks.
    M. Aamer; N. Sotiropoulos; A. Brimont; J. M. Fedeli; D. Marris-Morini; E. Cassan; L. Vivien; K. Ribaud; P. Grosse; J. M. Hartmann; D. Vermeulen; G. Roelkens; P. Sanchis; A. Håkansson;
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  16. Controlling radiative loss in quantum well solar cells.
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    JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, Vol. 46, n. 26, pp. 264007(1)-264007(8), July 2013.
  17. Ad-hoc design of temporally shaped fs laser pulses based on plasma dynamics for deep ablation in fused silica.
    J. Hernandez-Rueda; J. Siegel; D. Puerto; M. Galvan-Sosa; W. Gawelda; J. Solís;
    APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING, Vol. 112, n. 1, pp. 185-189, July 2013.
  18. Analogue Transformations in Physics and their Application to Acoustics.
    C. García-Meca; S. Carloni; C. Barceló; G. Jannes; J. Sánchez-Dehesa; A. Martínez;
    Scientific Reports, Vol. 3, n. , pp. 2009, June 2013.
  19. Manipulating polarization of light with ultrathin epsilon-near-zero metamaterials.
    P. Ginzburg; F. J. Rodríguez-Fortuño; G. A . Wurtz; W. Dickson; A. Murphy; F. Morgan; R. J. Pollard; I. Iorsh; A. Atrashchenko; P. A. Belov; Y. S. Kivshar; A. Nevet; G. Ankonina; M. Orenstein; A. V. Zayats;
    OPTICS EXPRESS, Vol. 21, n. 12, pp. 14907-14917, June 2013.
  20. Magnetic Hot Spots in Closely Spaced Thick Gold Nanorings.
    M. Lorente; L. Wang; R. Ortuño; C. García-Meca; Y. Ekinci; A. Martínez;
    NANO LETTERS, Vol. 13, n. 6, pp. 2654 - 2661, May 2013.
  21. Effect of Ag nanoparticles integrated within antireflection coatings for solar cells.
    F. Cortés-Juan; C. Chaverri-Ramos; J. P. Connolly; C. David; F. J. García de Abajo; J. Hurtado; V. D. Mihailetchi; S. Ponce-Alcántara; G. Sánchez;
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  22. High efficiency amplified spontaneous emission from a fluorescent anticancer drug-dye complex.
    F. Lahoz; C. J. Oton; D. López; J. Marrero-Alonso; A. Boto; M. Díaz;
    ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, Vol. 14, n. 5, pp. 1225–1230, May 2013.
  23. Near-Field Interference for the Unidirectional Excitation of Electromagnetic Guided Modes.
    F. J. Rodríguez-Fortuño; G. Marino; P. Ginzburg; D. O´connor; A. Martínez; G. A . Wurtz; A. V. Zayats;
    Science, Vol. 340, n. 6130, pp. 328 - 330, April 2013.
  24. Synthesis of low-loss metamaterials with negative index in the visible domain.
    C. García-Meca;
    MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS B, Vol. 27, n. 15, pp. 1330011(1)-1330011(18), April 2013.
  25. The variational principle in transformation optics engineering and some applications.
    C. García-Meca; M. M. Tung;
    MATHEMATICAL AND COMPUTER MODELLING, Vol. 57, n. 7-8, pp. 1773-1779, April 2013.
  26. Monitoring Devices for Providing Network Intelligence in Optical Packet Switched Networks.
    R. Vilar; F. Ramos;
    Intelligent Systems for Optical Networks Design: Advancing Techniques, Vol. IGI Global, n. Cap. 4, pp. 73-103, March 2013.
  27. Theoretical study about the relations among coefficients of stimulated spontaneous emission and absorption in indirect bandgap semiconductor.
    J. M. Escalante; A. Martínez;
    PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER, Vol. 411, n. , pp. 52-55, February 2013.
  28. High nonlinear figure-of-merit amorphous silicon waveguides.
    J. Matres; C. Ballesteros; P. Gautier; J. M. Fedeli; J. Martí; C. J. Oton;
    OPTICS EXPRESS, Vol. 21, n. 4, pp. 3932-3940, February 2013.
  29. Theory of random nanoparticle layers in photovoltaic devices applied to self-aggregated metal samples.
    C. David; J. P. Connolly; C. Chaverri-Ramos; F. J. García de Abajo; G. Sánchez;
    SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS, Vol. 109, n. , pp. 294–299, February 2013.
  30. Using a Si3N4 Ring Resonator Notch Filter for Optical Carrier Reduction and Modulation Depth Enhancement in Radio-Over-Fiber Links.
    A. Perentos; F. Cuesta; A. Canciamilla; B. Vidal; L. Pierno; N. Sánchez; F. López-Royo; A. Melloni; S. Iezekiel;
    IEEE PHOTONICS JOURNAL, Vol. 5, n. 1, pp. 5500110(1)-5500110(10), February 2013.
  31. Tunable Optical Delay Line based on Single-Sideband Suppressed-Carrier Modulation.
    J. Palací; B. Vidal;
    IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, Vol. 25, n. 1, pp. 43-46, January 2013.
  32. Cascaded Four-Wave Mixing for Microwave Photonic Harmonic Multiplication.
    B. Vidal; A. Bockelt; J. Palací;
    IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, Vol. 25, n. 1, pp. 100-103, January 2013.
  33. Modelling of GaAsP/InGaAs/GaAs strain-balanced multiple-quantum well solar cells.
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