Publicaciones en Revistas


  1. Dynamical back-action at 5.5 GHz in a corrugated optomechanical beam.
    D. Navarro-Urrios; J. Gomis-Bresco; S. El-Jallal; M. Oudich; A. Pitanti; N. Capuj; A. Tredicucci; F. Alzina; A. Griol; Y. Pennec; B. Djafari Rouhani; A. Martínez; C.M. Sotomayor Torres;
    AIP ADVANCES, Vol. 4, n. 12, pp. 1246018(1)-124601(7), December 2014.
  2. Smart Antennas and Front End Modules in Q-Band for Backhaul Networks.
    R. Vilar; A. Lefevre; F. Magne; M. Sypek; M. Makowski; C. Martel; T. Crépin; F. Boust; R. Joseph; K. Herbertz; T. Bertuch; R. Czarny; J. Martí;
    MICROWAVE JOURNAL, Vol. 57, n. 11 sup, pp. --, November 2014.
  3. Analysis of the THz response of a simple periodic graphite-based structure.
    M.P.M. Colleoni; B. Vidal;
    OPTICS EXPRESS, Vol. 22, n. 24, pp. 30156-30160, November 2014.
  4. Radio-Over-Fiber Optical Polarization-Multiplexed Networks for 3GPP Wireless Carrier-Aggregated MIMO Provision.
    M. Morant; J. Prat; R. Llorente;
    JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 32, n. 20, pp. 3721- 3727, October 2014.
  5. 60 GHz Radio Over Fiber System Based on Gain-Switched Laser.
    T. Shao; M. Beltrán; R. Zhou; P. M. Anandarajah; R. Llorente; L. P. Barry;
    JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 32, n. 20, pp. 3695-3703, October 2014.
  6. Chromatic Dispersion-Induced Optical Phase Decorrelation in a 60 GHz OFDM-RoF System.
    T. Shao; E. Martin; P. M. Anandarajah; C. Browning; V. Vujicic; R. Llorente; L. P. Barry;
    IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, Vol. 26, n. 20, pp. 2016-2019, October 2014.
  7. Resolving Light Handedness with an on-Chip Silicon Microdisk.
    F. J. Rodríguez-Fortuño; I. Barber; D. Puerto; A. Griol; A. Martínez;
    ACS Photonics, Vol. 1, n. 9, pp. 762–767, September 2014.
  8. Optical and mechanical mode tuning in an optomechanical crystal with light-induced thermal effects.
    D. Navarro-Urrios; J. Gomis-Bresco; N. E. Capuj; F. Alzina; A. Griol; D. Puerto; A. Martínez; C.M. Sotomayor Torres;
    JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, Vol. 116, n. 9, pp. 093506(1)-093506(5), September 2014.
  9. Modeling light-sound interaction in nanoscale cavities and waveguides.
    Y. Pennec; V. Laude; N. Papanikolaou; B. Djafari Rouhani; M. Oudich; S. El-Jallal; J.-C. Beugnot; J. M. Escalante; A. Martínez;
    NANOPHOTONICS, Vol. 3, n. 6, pp. 413-440, September 2014.
  10. Analogue transformation acoustics and the compression of spacetime.
    C. García-Meca; S. Carloni; C. Barceló; G. Jannes; J. Sánchez-Dehesa; A. Martínez;
  11. DVB-S2 and DVB-T RF Transmission in 1-mm GI-POF System.
    M. Beltrán; X. Cabezón; M. A. Campo; R. Trueba; A. Lekue; J. M. Pac; F. J. Cortés; R. Llorente;
    IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, Vol. 26, n. 16, pp. 1665-1668, August 2014.
  12. Compact Dual-Band Terahertz Quarter-Wave Plate Metasurface.
    V. Torres; N. Sánchez; D. Etayo; R. Ortuño; M. Navarro-Cía; A. Martínez; M. Beruete;
    IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, Vol. 26, n. 16, pp. 1679 - 1682, August 2014.
  13. Determination of refractive index and thickness of a multilayer structure with a single THz time domain spectroscopy measurement.
    F. Sanjuan Hurtado; A. Bockelt; B. Vidal;
    APPLIED OPTICS, Vol. 53, n. 22, pp. 4910-4913, August 2014.
  14. Optical Phase Characterization of Photonic Integrated Devices.
    J. Matres; G. C. Ballesteros; S. Mas; A. Brimont; P. Sanchis; J. Martí; C. J. Oton;
    IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, Vol. 20, n. 4, pp. 9100105(1)-9100105(5), July 2014.
  15. Space-time transformation acoustics.
    C. García-Meca; S. Carloni; C. Barceló; G. Jannes; J. Sánchez-Dehesa; A. Martínez;
    WAVE MOTION, Vol. 51, n. 5, pp. 785–797, July 2014.
  16. A one-dimensional optomechanical crystal with a complete phononic band gap.
    J. Gomis-Bresco; D. Navarro-Urrios; M. Oudich; S. El-Jallal; A. Griol; D. Puerto; E. Chavez; Y. Pennec; B. Djafari Rouhani; F. Alzina; A. Martínez; C.M. Sotomayor Torres;
    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, Vol. 5, n. , pp. 4452, July 2014.
  17. Transformational acoustic metamaterials based on pressure gradients.
    C. García-Meca; S. Carloni; C. Barceló; G. Jannes; J. Sánchez-Dehesa; A. Martínez;
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol. 90, n. , pp. 024310(1)-024310(9), July 2014.
  18. Designing III-V multijunction solar cells on silicon.
    J. P. Connolly; D. Mencaraglia; C. Renard; D. Bouchier;
    PROGRESS IN PHOTOVOLTAICS, Vol. 22, n. 7, pp. 810–820, July 2014.
  19. Optomechanic interaction in a corrugated phoxonic nanobeam cavity.
    M. Oudich; S. El-Jallal; Y. Pennec; B. Djafari Rouhani; J. Gomis-Bresco; D. Navarro-Urrios; C. Sotomayor-Torres; A. Martínez; A. Makhoute;
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol. 89, n. 24, pp. 245122(1)-245122(9), June 2014.
  20. Q-Band Millimeter-Wave Antennas.
    R. Vilar; R. Czarny; M.L. Lee; B. Loiseaux; M. Sypek; M. Makowski; C. Martel; T. Crépin; F. Boust; R. Joseph; K. Herbertz; T. Bertuch; J. Martí;
    IEEE MICROWAVE MAGAZINE, Vol. 15, n. 4, pp. 121-130, June 2014.
  21. Universal method for the synthesis of arbitrary polarization states radiated by a nanoantenna.
    F. J. Rodríguez-Fortuño; D. Puerto; A. Griol; L. Bellieres; J. Martí; A. Martínez;
    LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS, Vol. 8, n. 3, pp. L27-L31, May 2014.
  22. A Statistical Analysis of the Temperature Coefficients of Industrial Silicon Solar Cells.
    S. Ponce-Alcántara; J. P. Connolly; G. Sánchez; J. M. Míguez; V. Hoffmann; R. Ordás;
    ENERGY PROCEDIA, Vol. 55, n. , pp. 578 - 588, May 2014.
  23. Directive excitation of guided electromagnetic waves through polarization control.
    J. Carbonell; F. J. Rodríguez-Fortuño; A. Díaz-Rubio; A. Martínez; F. Cervera; J. Sánchez-Dehesa;
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol. 89, n. , pp. 155121(1)-155121(7), April 2014.
  24. Anisotropic emission and photon-recycling in strain-balanced quantum well solar cells.
    C. I. Cabrera; J. C. Rimada; L. Hernandez; J. P. Connolly; A. Enciso; D. A. Contreras-Solorio;
    JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, Vol. 115, n. 16, pp. 164502(1)-164502(7), April 2014.
  25. Integrated FTTH and In-Building Fiber-Coax OFDM Field Trial.
    M. Morant; R. Llorente; J. Herrera; T. Alves; A. Cartaxo; M. Herman;
    IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, Vol. 26, n. 8, pp. 809- 812, April 2014.
  26. Broadband Impairment Compensation in Hybrid Fiber-Wireless OFDM Long-Reach PONs.
    M. Morant; T. Alves; R. Llorente; A. Cartaxo;
    JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 32, n. 7, pp. 1387-1393, April 2014.
  27. Terahertz Metamaterials on Flexible Polypropylene Substrate.
    R. Ortuño; C. García-Meca; A. Martínez;
    PLASMONICS, Vol. 9, n. 5, pp. 1143-1147, April 2014.
  28. Sorting linearly polarized photons with a single scatterer.
    F. J. Rodríguez-Fortuño; D. Puerto; A. Griol; L. Bellieres; J. Martí; A. Martínez;
    OPTICS LETTERS, Vol. 39, n. 6, pp. 1394-1397, March 2014.
  29. On-the-field performance of quintuple-play long-reach OFDM-based WDM-PON optical access networks.
    R. Llorente; M. Morant; E. Pellicer; M. Herman; Z. Nagy; T. Alves; A. Cartaxo; J. Herrera; J. Correcher; T. Quinlan; S. Walker; C. Rodrigues; P. Cluzeaud; A. Schmidt; R. Piesiewicz; R. Sambaraju;
    OPTICS EXPRESS, Vol. 22, n. 6, pp. 6203-6209, March 2014.
  30. Design of single-mode waveguides for enhanced light-sound interaction in honeycomb-lattice silicon slabs.
    J. M. Escalante; A. Martínez; V. Laude;
    JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, Vol. 115, n. 6, pp. 064302(1)-064302(6), February 2014.
  31. Photonic spin Hall effect in hyperbolic metamaterials for polarization-controlled routing of subwavelength modes.
    P. V. Kapitanova; P. Ginzburg; F. J. Rodríguez-Fortuño; D. S. Filonov; P. M. Voroshilov; P. A. Belov; A. N. Poddubny; Y. S. Kivshar; G. A . Wurtz; A. V. Zayats;
    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, Vol. 5, n. , pp. 3226, February 2014.
  32. Full three-dimensional isotropic transformation media.
    C. García-Meca; R. Ortuño; J. Martí; A. Martínez;
    NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, Vol. 16, n. 3, pp. 023030(1)-023030(13), February 2014.
  33. Birefringence measurement in the THz range based on double Fourier analysis.
    F. Sanjuan Hurtado; A. Bockelt; B. Vidal;
    OPTICS LETTERS, Vol. 39, n. , pp. 809-812, February 2014.
  34. Refractive index calculation from echo interference in pulsed terahertz spectroscopy.
    F. Sanjuan Hurtado; B. Vidal;
    ELECTRONICS LETTERS, Vol. 50, n. 4, pp. 308-309, February 2014.
  35. Electric Levitation Using ϵ-Near-Zero Metamaterials.
    F. J. Rodríguez-Fortuño; A. Vakil; N. Engheta;
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol. 112, n. 3, pp. 033902(1)-033902(5), January 2014.
  36. Mid-infrared plasmonic inductors: Enhancing inductance with meandering lines.
    V. Torres; R. Ortuño; P. Rodríguez-Ulibarri; A. Griol; A. Martínez; M. Navarro-Cía; M. Beruete; M. Sorolla;
    Scientific Reports, Vol. 4, n. , pp. 3592, January 2014.
  37. Evaluation of optical ZP-OFDM transmission performance in multimode fiber links.
    P. Medina; V. Almenar; J.L. Corral;
    OPTICS EXPRESS, Vol. 22, n. 1, pp. 1008-1007, January 2014.
  38. Centralized Optical-Frequency-Comb-Based RF Carrier Generator for DWDM Fiber-Wireless Access Systems.
    X. Pang; M. Beltrán; J. Sánchez; E. Pellicer; J.J. Vegas Olmos; R. Llorente; I. T. Monroy;
    Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 6, n. 1, pp. 1-7, January 2014.
  39. Hybrid UWB and WiMAX radio-over-multi-mode fibre for in-building optical networks.
    J. Pérez; R. Llorente;
    JOURNAL OF OPTICS, Vol. 16, n. 1, pp. 1-6, January 2014.
  40. On the performance of a linearized dual parallel Mach-Zehnder electro-optic modulator.
    J. Pérez; R. Llorente;
    OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS, Vol. 318, n. , pp. 212-215, January 2014.
  41. Polarization Division Multiplexing of OFDM Radio-over-Fiber Signals in Passive Optical Networks.
    M. Morant; J. Pérez; R. Llorente;
    ADVANCES IN OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 2014, n. 1, pp. 1-9, January 2014.